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My Goal is to make your life easier and less stressful. With that in mind I offer a variety of services and visits lengths to accommodate your pets needs, whatever that may be. I have experience with all animals from horses to mice and hamsters and I adore them all.

Pet Visits -


Pet visits are times I will come to your house and care for your pets. This typically includes feeding and refilling water dishes, taking dogs out to potty, play time, and cleaning litter boxes. I can also administer injections or medication at no additional charge to you. At every visit your pet will get love and attention.

I also offer a variety of home related services at no additional cost to you. These may include watering plants, alternating lights, bringing in the mail and taking out your garbage and recycling. My main goal is that you can feel that both your home and pets are secure while you are away.

To make it easier to be sure your pet gets the care it needs you can choose from a variety of visit lengths and mix and match them as needed.


Visit Costs:
•15 Minutes - 20$
•30 Minutes - 25$
•60 Minutes - 30$
•90 Minutes - 40$

Park Hikes - 45$

For park hikes I will pick your dog up and take them to a nearby trail or beach to walk. The walks are typically 45 minutes, allowing 15 minutes for round trip drive time.

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